The Violinist

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“All sailors beware, for only one will the Lioness spare”

A rookie sailor on his maiden voyage. A ship sailing straight into the heart of darkness. A bloodthirsty monster preys on the Mediterranean sea lanes of the 34th century. There will be no safe harbors in the approaching storm.

Against this backdrop, Lucien Mooncaster, a tortured violinist in the capital city of Zargo’s orchestra, struggles to overcome the grief of a tragic accident that took his family from him. He longs for nothing but solitude until a bewitching woman mysteriously washes ashore, shipwrecked outside his home. Just beyond his city’s gates, Archer Solomon, a reckless and aging monster hunter, pursues his final contract, a personal vendetta against a creature who robbed him of everything he once held dear. But a much darker entity hides in the shadow of the hunter’s precious target, one with the power to change the fate of the entire world.

As shadows descend upon Zargo, fates become intertwined. Will Lucien and Solomon each have what it takes to weather the coming storm?

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