The Violinist

Sample chapters coming soon!



Lucien Mooncaster is the lead violinist in the world’s premier orchestra and one of very few pure souls left in the dying city of Zargo. Despite his fame, he would rather be home alone with his countless books than in the spotlight. Having spent five years grieving over the loss of his parents in a tragic accident, he would be happy enough to live out his days alone in his castle, free from bother. That is, until a mysterious woman from Lucien’s youth returns to town.

Meanwhile, dark powers have taken notice. Lucien’s soul is put at stake in a bargain between a suave and powerful demon and a bewitching siren whose long lost love bears remarkable resemblance to Lucien. As each struggle mightily with their own immortality and the young violinist comes to grips with mortality, he will have to overcome the ghosts of his past amidst a fight for his very life.


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