Screams tore from my lungs without any conscious effort. The sight of the manifestation of all Hell forced my sanity down into a cesspool of fear that during a fleeting moment of clarity, I thought I may never recover from. A nonsensical sound spewed from the abominable monster’s mouth. It resembled both a freight train and the agonizing screams of one thousand perishing souls. It was both deafening and foreboding of the inescapable doom that awaited me.


If given another chance, I would ignore the whispers of my name that extracted me from my desperate sleep. I would ignore the lurking shadow that led me down the winding stairs. I would ignore the inexplicable crevice I discovered in the putrid cellar floor.

 As I stand here now, eye to eye with the horrid, nameless monstrosity, I can’t help but wonder, can there be any comfort in knowing the nature of the things that keep within the shadows and watch intently as we sleep?